Work With Me

The key to designing your success is to dive deep into both the internal and external to uncover the unconscious beliefs, limiting mindsets, and energy drainers that hold you back. 

I will guide you to master your psychology, rewrite the rules you choose to live by, and take real action.

1:1 Deep Coaching

I coach clients on a 1:1 basis for 6-12 month periods, with the option to continue longer. I don’t offer coaching for shorter periods. This is because anything less than 6 months is not enough to create lasting change. 

When you are ready to move forward with 1:1 coaching, we will create an individualized plan tailored specifically to your individual goals and needs.

In Our Own Shoes Group Coaching

I work with up to 6 people at a time in a group coaching format. 

Group coaching creates an environment where you can connect with others working on similar goals. You get to learn from each other, and each individual person gets to benefit from the coaching I do with the others in the group.

Intensives and Retreats

An intensive and retreats are individuals, teams, or workgroups who is ready to make quick progress on a specific project or goal. 

Over the course of one to five days we will dig deeply into what you want to accomplish, what it will take to get you there, and what obstacles you may encounter along the way. At the end of our time together, you will have a clear vision and a detailed action plan. 


As an expert in psychology and a former leader of successful, high-impact corporate teams, I can customize and facilitate workshops on a wide-variety of personal and professional topics. Options range from 2-hour to full-day workshops based on the needs of your group, team, or organization.