As an expert in psychology and a former leader of successful, high-impact corporate teams, I can customize and facilitate workshops on a wide-variety of personal and professional topics. Options range from 2-hour to full-day workshops based on the needs of your group, team, or organization. Here is a small sample of workshop topics:

  • Creating sustainable goals and habits

  • Recovering from failure

  • Powerful mindsets for success

  • Mastering your energy and maintaining balance

  • Overcoming perfectionism

  • Mastering your motivation

  • Creating deep, natural confidence

  • Networking authentically

  • Communication for influence

  • Time management, prioritization, and focus

  • Coaching your direct reports (for managers and leaders)

  • Managing up (for direct reports)

  • Allyship to the LGBTQA community

  • Beyond the binary: the complexity of gender

If any of these topics resonate with you or you’d like to discuss another topic topic related to personal and professional development, let’s connect.