Trainings and Workshops

As an expert in psychology and a former leader of successful, high-impact corporate teams, I can customize and facilitate workshops on a wide-variety of personal and professional topics. Options range from 2-hour to full-day workshops based on the needs of your group, team, or organization. Here is a small sample of workshop topics:

  • Creating sustainable goals and habits

  • Recovering from failure

  • Powerful mindsets for success

  • Mastering your energy and maintaining balance

  • Overcoming imposter syndrome

  • Overcoming perfectionism

  • Mastering your motivation

  • Creating deep, natural confidence

  • Networking authentically

  • Self-advocacy in the workplace

  • Communication for influence

  • Time management, prioritization, and focus

  • Coaching your direct reports (for managers and leaders)

  • Managing up (for direct reports)

  • Allyship to the LGBTQA community

  • Beyond the binary: the complexity of gender

If any of these topics resonate with you or you’d like to discuss another topic topic related to personal and professional development, let’s connect.



Erin was outstanding. She was engaging and presented a very clear message. The workshop was very vulnerable and she was able to push us out of our comfort zones and I learned a lot about myself, my coworkers, and the culture of the company because of that.”

“My goal was to come away with one or two little nuggets, and it was certainly met. I suspect I'll spend quite a few hours pondering the implications of how exactly to implement some clearer team communication practices. Something as simple and quick as making it clear what message content the team is looking for in the daily standup meeting will have positive ripple effects far downstream.”

“Thank you so much for all you did on your gender and sexuality workshop. I was touched deeply and hope you will do more!!! We [in the LGBTQ community] need it badly!”