It’s one of the smallest words in the English language. And it’s one of the most powerful.

It connects opposites, builds bridges, creates paradox, and brings ideas and people together.

When we as individuals embrace the ANDs within us - in our identities, thoughts, emotions, and actions - we are more authentic, creative, and innovative. We are stronger leaders and more successful entrepreneurs, finding ways forward through uncertainty, ambiguity, fear, and doubt.

When organizations and communities embrace ANDs between people, they are more innovative, inclusive, and loving.

Life in the AND is a show about how we all can embrace AND to create more authenticity, innovation, inclusion, and love in our lives, our businesses, and the world.

In the short ANDisodes, I share some of the most powerful ANDs I embrace in my life and business, and how you can apply them as well.

In the full-length episodes, I have inspiring conversations with leaders, entrepreneurs, authors, and creatives, all on a mission to create a more authentic, inclusive, and loving world. We'll unearth their answer to my favorite question, “What AND do YOU stand for?”

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Ask Erin!

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