“Through coaching with Erin, I've changed from someone who anxiously lived in his head all the time (exhausting, right?) to someone who is able to be present with himself and with others. Here are some examples of what Erin and the group helped me accomplish through support and accountability:

  • Creating a daily meditation and writing habit

  • Letting go of my attachment to being "right" or having the "right response"; letting go of rehearsing what I'm going to say

  • Letting go of my story be being judged; getting comfortable with recording and posting videos of myself on social media

  • Shifting my personal narrative from "what I do" to "who I am"

  • Learning how to be there with others as they experience a range of emotions without having to "fix" anything

  • Learning how to show up without my armor (it was heavy); reconnecting with my lighthearted and humorous self

None of these changes happened overnight and all of them required hard work and being honest with myself. I did this and I'm proud of it. I will forever be grateful for the impact that Erin and our group has had on my life. If you could see me right now, I would be blowing kisses to this group - another thing I didn't do 5 months ago. “ - Paul

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“With the support of Erin and the group, one of my big wins was being able to gain clarity on what I wanted out of a contract job I was working and what value I could contribute. I requested a higher pay rate that allowed me to step into that value and feel more empowered and fulfilled in the role. The group coaching environment allowed me to not only benefit from one-on-one coaching from Erin, but also apply insights from her coaching other members of the group, we could all relate and learn from each other. I felt connected to the other group members; we created a safe, supportive and fun community, and I very much looked forward to our bi-weekly calls.” - KJ

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"Working with Erin and our group has been so rewarding and inspiring for me. Erin has guided us to become a tight-knit group that shares openly and honestly, hold space and encourage one another, and time after time, go deep in order to grow. It has kept me accountable and honest, allowing me to embrace what I need to and discard what is no longer serving me. It has helped me to identify what is holding me back and give me a framework to make the baby steps I need to move forward. I thoroughly recommend joining Erin on an adventure to learn and grow in order to live your dreams. The group is the highlight of my week." - Danielle

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