Episode 002: The ANDs Your Aliveness Depends on With Robin Eaton

Robin Eaton is a shaman and coach for the soul, helping people listen to their soul and give their soul a voice. She is the founder of Soul Touched by Robin, an intuitive teacher, and a transformative healer. Through her coaching programs, Sedona Retreats, and live events, Robin helps her clients get in touch with their soul, align with their intuition, cultivate their inner power, and rediscover their spark of aliveness in the and.  Robin holds multiple certificates as a Master Coach and Reiki Master Teacher. Before beginning her journey in entrepreneurship, Robin built a thriving career as a federal officer, supporting people as they were released from prison. Feeling disconnected and miserable, she started her journey in the And.

Robin joins me today to discuss the ands your aliveness depends on, the ‘ands’ she stands for, and why ‘and’ is important to her. She shares why she believes you can be grounded in spirituality while remaining grounded in reality and how to make the connection between the two without losing your credibility. She explains the value of rediscovering your intuition and the importance of searching for answers from within yourself. She also discusses the impact of staying disconnected from your soul, constantly trying to live up to other people’s expectations, and how she rediscovered her aliveness by reconnecting to her soul.

“And is the creation of our dreams.” - Robin Eaton

This week on Life in the AND:

  • Why Robin views the word ‘and’ as a connector and an important part of the healing process
  • The most powerful ‘ands’ in Robin’s life
  • Being grounded in reality as well as spirituality
  • Using your intuition to discover the connection between your reality and your spirituality
  • The value of relearning how to ‘get quiet’ and search for answers from within
  • What creates our disconnection with ‘the and’
  • Why true connection starts with connecting with yourself, knowing yourself, and being willing to be authentic
  • The importance of embracing fear and how it serves as a motivator to move forward
  • The fear that pushes Robin to keep moving forward
  • The impact of remaining disconnected from your authentic self and trying to live up to other people’s rules and expectations
  • How Robin rediscovered her aliveness by reconnecting to her soul

Connect with Robin Eaton:

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