Episode 21: Could "Yes, AND..." Bridge Our Biggest Divides?

So far in our Life in the And journey, we’ve explored the ANDs in our minds and lives. We’ve discussed how we can use the paradoxes that reside within us to transcend uncertainty and doubt. But what if we also use ANDs not just as individuals but as communities, societies, and nations? As time goes by, it becomes more apparent how we live in a world divided by political ideologies, creed, and class. Can AND be powerful enough to bridge opposing beliefs and ideas?

In this episode, I explore how an improv game can help us bridge the contradictions within ourselves and the divides in our society. I explore how the “Yes, And…” game can develop our deep listening skills and foster creativity, connection, and cooperation. I explain why our conversations regarding social issues become heated and illustrate how we tend to blame rather than build. I also discuss what’s possible when we surrender our need to always be right and speak from a place of love and understanding.

“The ‘inclusive, loving world’ piece requires us to explore the ANDs between us.” - Erin Baker

This week on Life in the AND:

  • Our increasingly divided world and the need to explore the ANDs between us
  • Dante Clemons and the barriers she faces as a black woman
  • Bridging political divides with Seth Samuels
  • What keeps us healing our deepest divides in the world
  • The ‘Yes, And...’ improv game, how it can help us bridge divides and differences, and how to play it
  • How playing the ‘Yes, And’ game can help us develop emotional intelligence and creativity
  • Why our conversations become heated and triggering
  • Building bridges brick by brick and surrendering our need to be 100% right

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