Episode 019: The Power of the Wildnerness for Zooming Out AND Zooming In

Sarah Kettles is a high-level UX Research Leader and entrepreneur. She is currently the Senior Director of Research at The Zebra, was previously at AirBnb, and was a founding member of Facebook’s Research Operations. In addition to her career bio, she’s an avid triathlete, backpacker, and founder of OutPass Trekking, a company that provides transformational wilderness experiences for growth-seekers. Sarah is a person who fills gaps with spectacular grace and, through OutPass Trekking, guides people through receiving insights through nature.

Sarah joins me today to discuss nature’s power in enhancing our ability to zoom out, understand the whole world and our place in it, and zoom in, introspect, and push back our fears. She shares some of her most profound experiences exploring the wilderness and explains why the outdoors is one of the best places to cultivate trust in ourselves. She also describes how nature can be leveraged in a coaching experience and highlights how fear can sometimes point us to the things we need to do.

“The wilderness is a special place that we’re all born out of. Being in nature offers an opportunity to expand and focus your awareness.” - Sarah Kettles

This week on Life in the AND:

  • How Sarah discovered that she could turn her love of the wilderness, the outdoors, and backpacking into a business
  • What makes nature so powerful
  • The ability to connect with yourself and with nature
  • Cultivating self-trust through our connection with the wilderness
  • The epic experience that led Sarah to her passion for backpacking
  • What makes being out in the wilderness a transformative experience
  • Expanding awareness and narrowing your focus through experiencing nature
  • One of Sarah’s most memorable moments on a hiking trail
  • The FITFO Philosophy and how fear can sometimes mean go
  • Redirecting your focus and working through mental blocks when you feel like you’re ‘so done’

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