Episode 018: We Are All Walking Contradictions with Hayden Lee

Hayden Lee is a walking bundle of “Ands. He’s one of the quirkiest, most energetic people I’ve met. He’s someone who lights up a room with his dancing - and at the same time, he’s a high-achieving professional who passionately fights for the dreams of his clients. Hayden is a Master Certified Coach who specializes in, teaches, and facilitates the Enneagram, as well as the neuroscience of coaching. A living embodiment of what it means to embrace weirdness, Hayden is someone who inspired my question: “What AND do you stand for?”

Hayden joins me today to explore what’s possible when we embrace the contradictions and paradoxes within us. He discusses how he uses the Enneagram to help people realize their polarities and live within them without rejecting a part of themselves. He explains how we can bring improv’s “Yes, and…” game into our lives and illustrates our tendency to pigeonhole ourselves into specific personality characteristics. He also describes And as a powerful reframing tool and shares an exercise he uses to help clients accept their contradictions.

“We are all walking contradictions. Polarity and paradoxes reside within us. We’re these opposing forces happening and swirling all at the same time.” - Hayden Lee

This week on Life in the AND:

  • What it means to live in paradox and why we habituate towards certain ways of being
  • Meryl Streep’s superpower of accessing many personalities and characters
  • Teaching other people to access different sides of their personality and why life is a box of 64 crayons
  • How the Enneagram can help people broaden their range
  • How Hayden uses his And to increase his power as a coach
  • The need of coaching clients for heart or heat and why intuition is a coach’s best friend
  • Helping CEOs and leaders tap their intuition to lead their teams
  • The cost of not being authentic and the fear of being yourself
  • What helps Hayden to be a bold and courageous entrepreneur
  • The beauty of cultivating high intention towards a goal and non-attachment to results
  • Bringing the first rule of improv to coaching and life and why entrepreneurship should be fun
  • An exercise in paradox and And as an ultimate reframing tool

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