Episode 017: Quiet Your Inner Critic AND Let it Get Loud

Everybody has that voice in their head telling them that they’re not smart enough or not capable enough. It’s the inner critic telling you that you will never achieve anything good, so it’s better to just stay in comfortable, safe places. Since our experience with the inner critic is typically negative, the first thing we often want to do is to drown it out. But the inner critic brings with it an opportunity for an And to flourish: let it talk and let it quiet down.

In this episode, I explore the role our inner critics play in our lives and how they can help us go to the places where we can grow. I share my experiences with my own inner critic and consider the sources of the inner voices in our head that discourage us. I discuss some of the questions you can ask yourself to get to know your inner critic better and the steps you can take to manage fear. I also explain why you shouldn’t totally eradicate your inner critic or your imposter syndrome and discuss how you can use them as a compass towards growth and development.

“Whenever our inner critic gets loud, it means we’re moving meaningful things to us and the things that can help us grow.” - Erin Baker

This week on Life in the AND:

  • Where our inner critic and impostor syndrome come from
  • How the inner critic is trying to protect us from negative emotions
  • Why I believe you shouldn’t completely eradicate your inner critic or your impostor syndrome
  • Using your inner critic as a compass to a place of growth and development
  • Recognizing the other side of fear and moving beyond our inner critic
  • Externalizing our focus to overcome the inner critic
  • Finding the deeper voice of purpose and meaning
  • Questions that can help evaluate the fears the inner critic is protecting you from
  • The reason you need to understand the source of your inner critic

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