Episode 016: Creating Magic Through Fully Being in your ANDs with Matt Chavlovich

Matt Chavlovich is an advisor, coach, and speaker who supports athletes and artists in creating impact. Matt is the Founder of The Chavlovich Group, the Principal owner of Today I Begin, and a former professional soccer player. Driven by his purpose of helping individuals and organizations master what truly matters to them, Matt created Today I Begin, through which he works with people to help them get to where they aspire to be.

In this episode, Matt and I explore the innate magic and potential within us and his mission of fostering them in people. We discuss the role of rest in growth and development and illustrate how we all have limitless possibilities. We dive into fear high-achievers have around taking days off and the fear of not having enough time to make an impact in the world. We also discuss how everything is possible, even in things that are contradictory, and how by showing your ANDs, you can create opportunity and authentic leadership.

“Everybody has magic inside of them. They just need the right people around to pull it out.” - Matt Chavlovich

This week on Life in the AND:

  • How muscles grow and why rest days should be part of athletic training
  • The importance of giving ourselves permission to recover
  • The secrets of human performance and how we all have limitless potential
  • The value of learning from more experienced people
  • How Matt helps athletes tap into their potential
  • What fuels Matt’s desire to help people succeed
  • The beginnings of Matt’s passion for helping children find families and homes
  • Heart leadership and why Matt focuses on helping younger adults
  • How Matt stays focused on his goals despite everyday life
  • The fear of regret and how it helped Matt transition from the corporate world to answer life’s calling
  • Dancing with your demons and how the willingness to share vulnerabilities forge deeper connections
  • Showing your humanity and what it means to be a strong leader

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