Episode 015: AND It's Easy with Mike Harris

Mike Harris is a coach and trusted advisor who helps high-level executives, entrepreneurs, and athletes create mastery in their world beyond conventional success. Living a life of many Ands, Mike has a background in finance and, prior to becoming the trusted advisor he is today, played billiards and professional poker. Mike - a master in complex pattern recognition - is adept at identifying people’s strengths and confluences and is an excellent source of insight and wisdom.

Today, Mike and I explore how discomfort is easy and how we can push through challenging times. We discuss our future-thinking muscles and how difficult moments last shorter than how we expect them to. We elaborate on the FITFO philosophy, what it is and how we can apply it in our lives, and discuss how we can plant ourselves in the present and make contingency plans for the future. We also consider the value of having high intentions and practicing nonattachment to our goals and underscore the dangers of the hedonic treadmill.

“Take it a step further than thinking about how it can be easy. Acknowledge its inherent ease.” - Mike Harris

This week on Life in the AND:

  • How Mike became a professional poker player and where he learned to gamble
  • The inherent ease in things and how our mind perceives difficulties and challenges
  • Reconciling the need to create contingency plans and to stay in the present moment
  • Our fear of future outcomes and the importance of nonattachment to goals
  • Trusting your instincts and the ways of being in a poker game
  • Why having your body language seen is both terrifying and relieving
  • The FITFO philosophy
  • The relationship between relief and discomfort and how we always avoid any forms of discomfort in our lives
  • The instinct of hubris and when not to trust your intuition
  • Staying and being still in moments of discomfort
  • The meaning of affective forecasting and what the hedonic treadmill is
  • Resilience resourcefulness and pursuing the probability of success

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