Episode 010: What Becomes Possible When We Have High Intention and Low Attachment to Our Goals

What does it mean to have high intentions but low attachment to achieving our goals? Is it even possible, or is it an unattainable oxymoron? I believe you can have high intentions for your goals AND maintain low attachment to their outcomes. To me, it means to take action toward achieving your goals without beating yourself up or dwelling on your mistakes and failures if you miss the mark.

Today, I discuss what can become possible when we have high intentions and low attachment to our goals. I explain how this seemingly unachievable concept is one of the most profound ways to transform your life and business. I share why I believe the act of setting goals and creating action steps for achieving those goals is one of the worst things we can do as leaders and entrepreneurs and what I believe we should do instead. I also explain how more doors of opportunity seem to open when you’re less attached to the outcome of your goals and how it allows you to embrace change, failure, and curiosity as you move forward.

“It’s not about ‘I don’t care.’ You can care, you can want that goal, you can have that outcome. You can also release all of the emotional attachment to it actually coming true.” - Erin Baker

This week on Life in the AND:

  • What it means to have high intentions and low attachment to our goals
  • Why I believe the idea of setting a goal and creating action steps to achieve that goal is one of the worst things we can do as entrepreneurs and leaders
  • How to reduce your feelings of attachment toward achieving your goal without losing your motivation to continue working toward it
  • The negative impact associated with being focused on the outcome of your goals
  • The benefits of having low attachment to specific outcomes

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