Episode 007: I Control My Destiny AND So Does "The Universe"

Does “The Universe” control your destiny...or do you? That is a question pondering the minds of many people from all walks of life. I don’t know about you, but if I sat on my laurels and chose to let "The Universe" take the reigns over my life and business - nothing would happen. However, If I took complete and total responsibility and accountability over my destiny - I also know that leaves me fully accountable for all of my failures. It means I would probably beat myself up over things that I truly had no control over.

So how do you walk the fine line between gaining control of your life and letting things be? How do you balance controlling your destiny and letting “The Universe" do the heavy lifting?

In today’s episode, I discuss how you can control your own destiny while still trusting that “The Universe” will provide. I discuss the impact of leaning too heavily on "The Universe" to fulfill your destiny and explain the Locus of Control concept in psychology. I discuss how taking too much control and accountability over your life can lead to negative effects, like stress and anxiety. I also share strategies to help you strike a balance between trusting in "The Universe" to provide what you need to succeed while also taking control of your destiny.

“The Universe IS the wave. We don’t know where The Universe is going - but we DO have control of how we surf it.” - Erin Baker

This week on Life in the AND:

  • The Locus of Control concept and the impact of having a high internal Locus of Control
  • The difference between people with high Internal Locus of Control versus high External Locus of Control
  • The pros and cons of Internal and External Locus’ of Control
  • Finding a balance between letting "The Universe" control your destiny while taking control of your life and business trajectory
  • Balancing high intentions with low attachments to the final outcomes
  • Getting clear on what you’re truly responsible for
  • Why frequently trying to prepare for the worst is a mistake many high-performing leaders make

Resources Mentioned:

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