Episode 006: Leadership From the Middle: Bridging Your Culture AND Corporate Culture with Kanchan Prinsloo

Kanchan Prinsloo is the founder of KAPri Consulting Inc., an executive coaching and leadership development company based in Toronto, Canada, specifically for women of color in leadership roles. Kanchan is a trusted advisor, executive coach, and consultant to diverse C-Suite Executives, senior managers, and high-performance leaders. Specialized in coaching and facilitating events on topics related to diversity and inclusion, team development, communication, and executive presence, Kanchan has worked with local and global organizations, including Marriott International, Bell, and Manulife. She holds a Master’s degree in Leadership, a Certificate of Executive Coaching, and accreditation with the International Coaching Federation.

Kanchan joins me today to share her journey of Life in the And, and becoming a leader of diversity and inclusion. She explains how she helps organizations and leaders bridge the gap between individual culture and corporate culture and how she helps women of color own their power. She explains what it means to ‘bring your whole self to work,’ what it looks like, and why it is often challenging to live up to this mantra. She also explains her concept of “Leading from the Middle” and why the primary “and” she stands for is to maintain fluidity instead of rigidity.

“It’s very easy to want to adapt to what’s expected of you - to the point where we lose who we are because adapting is going to get us to where we think we want to be.” - Kanchan Prinsloo

This week on Life in the AND:

  • Kanchan’s journey to becoming a leader of diversity and inclusion
  • How she helps organizations bridge the gap between corporate culture and individual culture
  • Why it’s critical for leaders to be crystal clear about who they are
  • How organizations can tap into the diverse experiences of their employees to cultivate and enrich their company culture
  • What it means to ‘bring your whole self to work’
  • What Kanchan believes is still missing from corporate training on diversity and inclusion
  • Kanchan’s concept of Leading from the Middle
  • Identifying when to say ‘no’
  • Why Kanchan believes staying in the flow of life is the most important “and” in her life

Connect with Kanchan Prinsloo:

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