Episode 005: Life is a Dataset. Put On Your Scientist Labcoat AND Feel Your Feelings Too

Wouldn’t life be so easy if we didn’t have feelings? If we could just collect data and be analytical without silly things like feelings and emotions getting in our way. But feelings and emotions are critical for our mental health. They serve as natural reactions to the events that are happening around us. They help us cope with injustices and wrongdoings and help us make decisions based on our beliefs, morals, and authenticity. But the longer we suppress our feelings and emotions, the more likely we’ll experience adverse effects on our physical and mental health like stress, anxiety, depression, weight gain, and chronic pain. So, how do we balance our desire to face life analytically without losing sight of our emotions?

It’s an ‘and.’

Today, I discuss how life is like a dataset and why we shouldn’t lose sight of our emotions and feelings when evaluating all of the data life tends to provide. I share the negative impact that suppressing your feelings and emotions can have on your physical and mental health. I discuss the challenges we face with striking a balance between being analytical and feeling our emotions. I also share strategies for finding a healthy balance between your emotions and the analytical data in our businesses and lives.

“Though data don’t have feelings - humans do.” - Erin Baker

This week on Life in the AND:

  • The negative impact of treating everything you do as a dataset
  • Why your feelings and emotions are important for your physical and mental
  • Finding a healthy balance between feeling your emotions and remaining analytical

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