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Retreats and Experiences provide unique opportunities to get out of our normal routines, push the edges of our comfort zone, and explore our deepest hopes, dreams, and desires through the magic of adventure, beautiful scenery, and a community of incredible peers.

Check out below some upcoming retreat opportunities. These are not limited to entrepreneurs, but entrepreneurs can benefit greatly from what these opportunities have to offer.

Upcoming in 2020

Wilderness Leadership Weekend in Big Bend National Park
(Partnership with Outpass Trekking)

Join us on Outpass Trekking’s second wilderness leadership development experience in Big Bend National Park!

We’ll be exploring what’s holding us back, pushing each other to reach further forward, and taking some time away to focus on our individual next steps. This is a weekend of group coaching, hiking, camping, great food, and new friends.

Outpass Trekking is focused on helping people go beyond what you think is possible.There are a million amazing reasons and ways to invest in yourself.

This may be the perfect experience for you if:

What's Included


Sarah Kettles

Daytime UX research leader and facilitator of transformational wilderness experiences for people to take a break from the day-to-day and connect deeper with themselves and with nature.

Erin Baker

Transformational leadership and business coach, social psychologist, and magical experience creator. Erin is passionate about helping people design and custom-build businesses, careers, and lives that light up their hearts and souls. Though currently a Michigan resident, she lived in Austin for 4 years during grad school and is excited by any excuse to come back for delicious food and to re-experience the beautiful Big Bend wilderness.

Brett Bowlin

Dry-humoured with a well-seasoned attitude, Brett brings harmony to the campsite with deliciously prepared meals and other camp comforts. During normal hours, he leads digital strategy as both a creative and technologist at Texas Monthly, exercising and gaining skills which provide no real tangible value in the wild. He’s excited to support everyone in getting the most out of their experience.


Hear from Outpass Trekking’s pilot trip participants from our December 2019 trip to Big Bend National Park.

“I was challenged mentally and physically for the first time in years. Being in a majestic environment with expert and unbiased facilitators allowed me to be open, vulnerable, and authentic. The hard truths, myths, and realizations were welcome conversations that sparked an awakening and peace within me. I am grateful to Sarah and Erin for curating this trip, and would love to do it again!”

Eyse - UX Design Leader

“I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect from this experience. But Sarah and Erin have found the perfect balance of physical challenge and emotional growth. As a small group camping in the wilderness, the walls of everyday life came down and everyone was able to dive deep on their past experiences and future goals.”

Chris - Software Engineering Manager

“Going into this leadership adventure, my heart and head had found a nice plateau to rest upon. Content and somewhat fulfilled, my soul lacked a little bit of fire. Sarah and Erin offered a non prescriptive approach that allowed me to find my own breakthrough. The facilitated activities cut to the core without leaving me emotionally overwhelmed or paralyzed the whole weekend. The beauty of nature and the surrounding environment, the physical challenge of hiking and tent camping allowed for reflection, clarity and ultimately a big, bold statement to carry me into 2020 and beyond.”

Stacy - Executive Director of a Nonprofit, Founder of Created Life Adventures

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Upcoming in 2021

Queer Retreats
(Partnership with
Caitlin Padgett)

Have you noticed that other retreats don’t cater to queer people? So did we!

That’s why we created Queer Retreats - self-care based, transformational retreats specifically for queer folk.

Retreats are powerfully transformative. We know this from attending them and from facilitating them. When a group of people comes together in a safe and nurturing space, it allows for real connection, profound healing, and transformative change.

We noticed that when other queer people have been at retreats we’ve attended or facilitated, there was an even deeper level of shared experience for queer folk. There was a deep feeling of trust and the opportunity for real support. 

That’s why we created Queer Retreats - to give you the opportunity to experience all the wonderful benefits a retreat offers - in a way that is designed specifically for you.

Queer Retreats are for you if you’ve always thought retreats were for “other" people! 

Our Mission

To provide much-needed safe and inclusive opportunities for queer folks to explore new countries and cultures.
By curating and co-creating retreat experiences, we help LGBTQIA folks connect more deeply with themselves, expand their mental, physical, and spiritual horizons, and create authentic and meaningful friendships with people from all over the world.

Who Our Retreats Are For

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