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Master the ART and SCIENCE of coaching while building a highly successful heart-centered business.

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You have a big vision for your coaching business. You’d like to transform lives, make a great income, and maintain a well-rounded life.

Yet Like Many Entrepreneurs, You...

  • Don’t know where to start
  • Or you’ve started, but don’t know what to do next
  • Worry that despite all of your past success, this is the time you will fail
  • Say to yourself “Who am I to do that?” Or “What if they find out I’m a fraud?”
  • Feel completely overwhelmed trying to do it all alone

New coaches often come to me for advice on all of the things above. What should they learn, who should they learn from, and how can they feel less alone? 

Moreso than anything else I did early on in my journey, apprenticing with a master coach helped me exponentially grow my coaching skills, my business, and myself.

I strongly believe there is no better way to build the foundations for creating the impact, income, and well-rounded life you desire than to immerse yourself in the personal guidance, mentorship, and coaching of a master.

As my apprentice, we’ll spend a year together building and honing the 4 pillars of exponential success: your knowledge, coaching skills, business, and BEing:

As part of mastering the SCIENCE of coaching, you will build your understanding of how humans think, feel, and behave through the study and application of scientific psychology and neuroscience. You’ll be able to easily recognize the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in your clients that create their success. And you’ll be able to help your clients shift the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that hold them back.

Transformational Coaching Skills
As part of mastering the ART of coaching, you will learn, practice, and implement deep, transformational coaching skills through a wide variety of hands-on and observational methodologies. You’ll create strong certainty and confidence in your ability to transform the life of any human in front of you.

There is no blueprint for building a successful business. There are many roads and many options. We’ll focus on finding and moving you exponentially forward on the path that is most aligned with you, your strengths, and your long-term vision.

You cannot take your clients any deeper than you have gone yourself. And when you transform how you show up in the world, it transforms everyone around you. We’ll leverage your natural strengths, discover your deepest dreams and desires, do inner work to uncover the blindspots, limiting beliefs, fears, and unconscious patterns that get in your way. And along your journey of mastery, we’ll continually check-in to make sure you are taking care of ALL of you - mind, body, heart, and soul. After all, you can’t be completely in service of others if you aren’t first in service of yourself.

Along with building your 4 pillars, you’ll also have access to every program that I offer, behind-the-scenes access to my business, and opportunities to learn from and engage with my community of master-level coaching peers throughout the year. 

I only work with 1-2 apprentices each year. Candidates must be serious, focused, committed, and ready to deeply immerse themselves in the journey towards mastery.

If you’re ready to dive deeper than you’ve ever gone and fly higher than you can imagine, let’s have a conversation.

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