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Harness the power and wisdom of groups to launch and grow a heart-centered business.

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Are you a heart-centered entrepreneur in the early stages of launching and growing a business that makes a positive difference in the lives of others?

You'd Like To

And, if you’re being honest, along with that impact, you’d also like to create substantial income and well-rounded life for yourself.

But You

Despite those feelings, you know you have to go for it...whatever *it* is. The fear of “what if I don’t?” is so much stronger than the fear of “what if I do?”.

And though you generally do figure out most things on our own, you know that having guidance from a coach and the support of a group can make all the difference in creating the impact, income, and life you crave.

“With a perfect blend of science, intuition, and compassion, Erin is a phenomenal coach! "

Ellie F

Welcome to The 2020 Launch Accelerator!

In this Program You Will

The Power of Groups

“When you play with great players, you play better; it just elevates your game.” - Bill Murray

People who join my coaching groups create a deep connection with each other that often lasts beyond the time we are together. As a group, we cultivate an atmosphere of openness, vulnerability, trust, support, motivation, and accountability. You are not alone on the journey. Everyone is there to celebrate your wins, commiserate in your failures, push you out of your comfort zone, and cheer you on to greater heights. Along with the direct coaching and teaching you get from me, you benefit from learning from everyone else and from the coaching I do with them.

Elements of the Program

Who I Work With

Moving Forward

The 2020 Launch Accelerator is not for everyone. I take a maximum of 8 people who are ready to dive in.

This journey requires time, energy, humor, heart, ambition, tenacity, and a willingness to connect deeply with others. If you are a “Hell Yes” to growing your impact and income more than you ever thought possible in 2020, let’s have a conversation.

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“Joining Erin Baker’s Fall Leap Collective was one of the best things I’ve done for my own personal growth.  Through this amazing group coaching program I was able to breakthrough limiting beliefs that were holding me back from pursuing my biggest dream.  Erin is the best at pushing you to go for the biggest dream(s) you can imagine and taking bold steps towards bringing them into fruition.  She does all of this with so much compassion and creates a space that is safe for anyone to speak their truth.  I personally feel group coaching programs are one of the most powerful experiences anyone can gift themselves with and Erin is a master at creating a powerful group environment.”

Jody - Shaman, Speaker, and Coach

"I was skeptical of the value of group coaching initially. I wasn’t quite sure if the members of the group would understand my struggles in a way that would ultimately be helpful for me to work through things with them. I was also afraid that I wouldn’t be able to open up enough with the group there, perhaps too worried about what they might think of me at any given time. I was shocked at how quickly I felt rapport with the group though, and how much I looked forward to the calls. The bravery and courage of what they shared with me helped me break down my own barriers, and Erin’s thoughtful exercises and gentle (and not so gentle at times) pushing of us helped me go further than I ever imagined I would be able to in a short three months.

Having a group environment where we each shared our wins and our struggles was just the outlet I needed to take meaningful action to get my business off the ground. And I now consider each of the participants to be dear friends who I still look forward to connecting with. This group restored faith in finding meaningful connections with strangers again and opened my eyes to the value of leaning on and learning from others.”

Sarah - Founder of Outpass Trekking

“Through group coaching with Erin, I've changed from someone who anxiously lived in his head all the time (exhausting, right?) to someone who is able to be present with himself and others. Here are some examples of what Erin and the group helped me accomplish through support and accountability:

Creating a daily meditation and writing habit
Letting go of my attachment to being "right" or having the "right response"; letting go of rehearsing what I'm going to say
Letting go of my story be being judged; getting comfortable with recording and posting videos of myself on social media
Shifting my personal narrative from "what I do" to "who I am"
Learning how to be there with others as they experience a range of emotions without having to "fix" anything
Learning how to show up without my armour (it was heavy); reconnecting with my lighthearted and humorous self

None of these changes happened overnight and all of them required hard work and being honest with myself. I did this and I'm proud of it. I will forever be grateful for the impact that Erin and our group has had on my life. If you could see me right now, I would be blowing kisses to this group - another thing I didn't do 5 months ago. “

Paul - UX Research Manager and Personal Development Coach

“With the support of Erin and the group, one of my big wins was being able to gain clarity on what I wanted out of a contract job I was working and what value I could contribute. I requested a higher pay rate that allowed me to step into that value and feel more empowered and fulfilled in the role. The group coaching environment allowed me to not only benefit from one-on-one coaching from Erin, but also apply insights from her coaching other members of the group, we could all relate and learn from each other. I felt connected to the other group members; we created a safe, supportive and fun community, and I very much looked forward to our bi-weekly calls.”

KJ - Co-Founder of a Digital Nomad Live & Work Community and Money Coach

"Working with Erin and our group has been so rewarding and inspiring for me. Erin has guided us to become a tight-knit group that shares openly and honestly, hold space and encourage one another, and time after time, go deep in order to grow. It has kept me accountable and honest, allowing me to embrace what I need to and discard what is no longer serving me. It has helped me to identify what is holding me back and give me a framework to make the baby steps I need to move forward. I thoroughly recommend joining Erin on an adventure to learn and grow in order to live your dreams. The group was the highlight of my week.”

Danielle - UX Research Manager

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