Coaching for leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs who are ready to launch their next act.


I’m not a typical coach. And you’re not a typical client.

You’re a high performer who has created a lot of success in your life. You push yourself hard and nail every challenge you take on. On paper, you have everything that most people dream of. Titles. Money. Possessions.

But the truth is…

You’re bored or burned out. You feel disconnected - from work, play, and yourself. You've lost touch with what really matters to you.

You feel like something is missing. You wonder to yourself “is there something more than this?”

Every time you achieve something, the rush wears off quickly, and you immediately ask “what’s next?”

You’d like to do something different, but despite your track record of success, you’re scared shitless that *this* time you will fail.

You’d like to make a more meaningful impact on the world, but you aren’t sure where to start. Or you have an idea of what you’d do, but ask yourself “who am I to do that?”

There are very few, if any, people you can talk with about this.

You are not alone.

Through my work, I have discovered that some of the most successful people in the world are bored, burned out, or disillusioned with the impact they are having on the world. Many people continue on, changing nothing, living in a world of what they should be doing rather than what they want.

My clients are different. Even if they don’t know exactly what it looks like yet, they are ready launch their 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or Nth act. And they want help getting there.

Are you ready to…

  • Have a greater impact or make a difference in people’s lives?

  • Identify or recommit to a big dream or vision?

  • Create something new in the world (e.g., a business, app, service)?

  • Show up powerfully, authentically, and fulfilled in all areas of your life?

  • Reconnect with yourself and others?

  • Create more energy and life balance?

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About Me

As I said, I’m not a typical coach. You see, I don’t like being boxed into identities. I believe that almost nothing about ourselves is fixed, not even our personalities. Instead, I believe that in any moment, we can take on any identity or quality we’d like. So, if you’d like to know whether I’m a leadership coach, an executive coach, a business coach, or even a life coach, my answer to you is all of them and sometimes none of them, depending on the moment. But despite not liking to be put in boxes, it does help others to know who I have been.

Before my 3rd act as an entrepreneur, coach, and writer, I led user research and design teams at Facebook and Microsoft. I have a PhD in Social Psychology from the University of Texas at Austin, and I am an Elite Certified Neuro-Transformational Coach. My work with clients combines academic research, leadership experience, and deep coaching methods related to mindset, heart, body, and spirit.